What’s for Lunch?

I’ll admit it…every summer I make great plans to create delicious and nutritious lunches for both my son and myself. About the middle of September, I have long strayed from that idea and pretty much aim for fast and convenient…and we all know that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with nutritious or 

sometimes even delicious. AND by this time of year, I’m so tired of packing lunches that I can hardly stand it.
So I’m here to inspire myself and hopefully you, too…and of, course, I’d love to be inspired by you, so be sure to leave a comment with your own delicious lunch ideas.
I sure miss the days when I could pretty much pack the same thing for my sweet son as I do for myself.  When, oh, when did he become such a picky eater????
So today, let’s tackle that topic of just what exactly IS for lunch?
One thing that we use at our home is the Pieces and Parts menu.  Believe it or not, this came into being when my sweet son was in preschool.  Now he is in middle high school and it is essentially the same…and I use it for my lunches as well.
This is what it looks like and if you click on the first picture, you can download a copy of it as well as a copy of a blank one.

So on days when we don’t have a ready to go lunch plan (which is most days), my son and I pick one item from each column.  It might look something like this:
Or, for me, next year when I have lunch brunch at 10:30, it might look something a little more like this:
**Now, I am fortunate that my son does not have food allergies, but, of course, you would take that into consideration if your child has food allergies or your school does not allow certain foods.**
I am now doing Weight Watchers and so I have changed up some of the ideas for healthier choices (for example, if I choose a string cheese, I switch it to the WW string cheese, crackers aren’t just crackers, but instead I choose “diet” crackers).
Now, I would love to be one of those amazing moms that pack those lunches for myself or my sweet son that look more like words of art than lunches, but it’s just not ever going to happen, but if you are so inclined, there are tons of those ideas on Pinterest.  (Just click on the pictures and it will take you right to the post.)
BUT, I did find some fabulous links to easy to do lunches for grown-ups and kids on Pinterest and have included them here.
 Laura over at Come Together Kids has these great tips for packing lunches for your kids, but quite honestly they look perfectly yummy to me!
Here is a great post if you or your school are allergy conscious.  It’s a great list by Cook It Allergy Free.
And finally, Marla Meridith at Family Fresh Cooking.com has some pretty dog-gone delish ideas of her own.  A little more work, but hey, we’re worth it! 
AND at the bottom of her post are other places that you can cruise to on the net at get even more ideas!
Or, if you’d like, you can check out my boards on Pinterest related to healthy lunches and school lunch ideas!
(Plus many other school-related topics.)
Finally, I just have to include that one of my favorite things that I did love about packing my son’s lunch was including a joke or a note to help make his day.  Eventually, it became expected and the jokes would make their rounds up and down the lunch table.  But, alas, he is a middle HIGH schooler now and well, “That’s just not cool anymore, Mom.”  Oh, the tears!  
However, I ended up giving all of his extra jokes and notes to a coworker whose son is in my class.  I just love picking him up from lunch and seeing one in his lunchbox.  Oh, the smiles!
If you’d like your very own copy of Lunch Box notes, you can find it in my store by clicking here.

If you have any amazing lunch ideas, I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments below!
Happy Lunching!

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  1. Love the idea of the bits and pieces menu! I'm so doing this with my daughter on days she packs, and for myself as well. I eat lunch at 10:40, so I know what you mean by "brunch."

    I also love the notes in the lunchbox. It is bittersweet when they get to be too "cool" for the sweet things you used to do, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


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