Classroom Reveal (Just add kids!)

Well, ready or not, the kiddos come on Monday.  I am mostly ready.  As you may or may not know, I have struggled with my theme.  I originally picked it when I thought I was going to go to a classroom that had a large brown wall.  But I ended up staying in my own classroom.  I then worried about the brown and black being too drab until my sweet friend Christi from Ms. Fultz’s Corner suggested adding some bright green.  Much better!
So, here it is…our Learning Safari Classroom!
 One side of my classroom is all bulletin board.  (It’s actually a removable wall.)  So we have the Focus Wall that is a work in progress (a closeup is below), my CRAFT board for Daily 5 and the work display board that will soon have some Safari Face Its on it.  
On a side note, I used CRAFT instead of CAFE last year after reading this post by Ladybug’s Teacher Files and LOVED it.  If you are doing CCSS and Daily 5, you should check it out.  It aligns with the CCSS wonderfully!
This is my Banana Cabana named by Kristin during a contest on my FB page.  My new book boxes are also pictured as well as a closeup of the book box labels I made.  I found the fabulous pockets at Michaels!
This is a closeup of my Focus Wall.  I have my Effort Rubric, my 2nd grade CCSS and my 2nd grade writing non-negotiables listed.  More will be added later.
Here are the working spaces.  “My” not-desk…thank you so much for suggesting I get rid of my desk.  The table is much smaller and friendly for the kids that I let sit there during the day.  My principal brought down the grass around the reading table.  I tried to get a closeup of the Learning Safari banner.  I used a wide variety of background papers…even some with sparkles and glitter!
You can also see that the cushions are missing from my glider rocker (the one I rocked my sweet boy in).  The cushions are at home getting recovered in new brown fabric.
These are my birthday cupcakes, my clipchart and poms and lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  My amazing next door teaching friend who is also my outside of school friend hung them for me in about 5 minutes flat!  Thank you, Gary, you rock!!
This pic is of some of my favorite things.  First up are the leopard spotted Smartie Pants.  Filled with Smarties and waiting to be eaten by my brilliant students!  
Next, is a lamp that I used Fusion black spray paint on and covered with a lampshade I got on clearance from Walmart.
Last up is my chart holder made from a magnetic curtain rod.  I got the idea from Christina over at Sugar and Spice.  You can read about it here.
Well, that’s it.  All it need is to add some darling second graders.  I can’t wait!!  It’s going to be a fabulous year!!

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