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Hey everyone!  Just a quick little post as we wrap up Nevada Reading Week (Read Across America Week).  
This year our theme was “Be a Superhero…READ!”  
It was a great theme and a bonus that it just happened to match our classroom!
Friday, our final day of fun, was, of course, Dress Up Like a Superhero.
Had to grab some quick snapshots and post them.
Here are a couple of my grade level peeps.  Love these two girls!  Carina (Wonder Woman) is also known as The Teaching Tornado.  Lindsey is the jumping instigator.  They were having far too much fun!
There were more than a boatload of Batmen hanging around school, too!
Check out my principal!  (I think she loves dressing up even more than we do!)
Of course we had the Battle of the Catwomen, too.
Who  wore it best?  LOL

HA!  HA!  Love this pose of our GATE teacher.  My kids wanted her to try bending things with her mind.  I think she knew to quit while she was ahead!

Love that our neighborhood firefighters stopped by to read to the kiddos.  We are always so happy when they volunteer their time.

Speaking of volunteers, see that amazing lady up there in the picture?  She is a true superhero.  I could not begin to count the number of hours that she has dedicated to our school.  She has participated in many activities sponsored by our school.  She is the parent of one of my students this year.  YAY!  She comes several times a week to test our kiddos on their sight words…and not only does she test my kiddos, she tests the other second graders, too.  So lucky to have someone so  
sweet and positive helping out this year.  As the saying goes, “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”  
Thank you, Sierra!

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