Engaging Back to School Activities

Are you reading to get your students up and moving and actively engaged in their first day (and week) back to school? If you’re like me, you struggle to get into the swing of things, and so do the kiddos.
Well, we’re going to fix that with some super fun activities that are a snap to put together and light on your wallet.
Are you ready?

My son LOVED the “Use Your Noodle” game. I didn’t think I was going to get him to come back in the house!
So, if you’re looking for more fun activities to engage your students during the first week, check out this product. It is full of fun things for your students to do and if you toss in a few read alouds, it really can help ease all of you into the beginning of school.
You can check out the product by clicking here.

Or you can grab it as part of this big back to school bundle.
(Includes the 8 products shown plus a surprise product!)
You can find this bundled product here.

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