Project Based Summer

Raise your hand if you are counting down the days until summer. Oh, I see you…and I’m with you!
But so are the kids, right?
We always talk about that summer slide and not wanting students to lose their skills during those long weeks of summer break, right? The teachers in the next grade that your kiddos will be going to are hoping the same thing, too.
I’d like to introduce you to some fun-filled, low prep, high engagement, learning-based activities for your kiddos to work on over the summer.
Did you catch those key words, low prep, fun-filled,  learning-based AND  
high engagement? YEP! You read that right!
Basically, all you need to do is copy the 8 pages included (and if you copy them front to back it’s only 4, right?), grab a notebook (or copy the one included), and Voila! an action packed summer!
Your students will each get an explanation sheet highlighting all of the activities as well as 6 ten step activities that will take them through the whole summer.
Through this product, your students will learn how to
  • plan and prepare a family dinner
  • plan and execute a family backyard campout
  • host a boat floating contest
  • create a fun water park
  • present a picture zoo
  • create a time machine (and learn about historical figures) 
I tried out the Plan and Prepare a Family Dinner activity with my kiddos and check out two of my kiddos and their delicious creations.
 Pasta and sauce with garlic bread and popsicles for dessert!
Baked mac and cheese with salmon (and fresh flowers!)
LOVED that my kiddos got so into it AND that both of their moms reported that these two girls are looking forward to helping in the kitchen more in the future.
My students are not actually supposed to prepare their dinners until this weekend, so I cannot wait to hear how the rest of them do!
To grab this fun product that your students are sure not to toss in the trash or leave in their backpack all summer, click on any of the pictures to take you to the unit, or search 
OR you can try this cooking dinner FREEBIE by clicking here.

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